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HBR's 10 must reads 2019 : The definitive management ideas of the year from Harvard business review / 01-07-2022We've combed through the ideas, insights, and best practices from the past year of Harvard Business Review to help you get up to speed fast on the relevant ideas driving business today. Discover new ideas and sample the work from our vast cabinet of experts and their smart management thinking. Revisit these topics now to make sure you're incorporating the brightest, most up-to-date practices in your organization, or keep it as a reference to access these memorable pieces when you need them most. The collection includes articles on leadership, strategy, and innovation, as well as content to help you manage yourself and others. A year's worth of management wisdom, all in one place
Intermediate microeconomics : (Kinh tế vi mô trung cấp: Cách tiếp cận hiện đại): A modern approach / Hal R. Varian23-06-2022Trình bày những khái niệm căn bản trong kinh tế vi mô chương trình trung cấp. Tìm hiểu về thị trường, chi tiêu ngân quỹ, sự hài lòng của người tiêu dùng, sự lựa chọn, nhu cầu, thu nhập, hiệu quả kinh tế, mua và bán, thị trường bất động sản, rủi ro, nhu cầu thị trường, sự cân bằng thị trường, đấu giá, công nghệ, lợi nhuận tối đa...
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