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100 thủ thuật Powerpoint 2010 : Các thủ thuật về trình bày và tạo Slide trong trình chiếu Powerpoint 2010... / KS.Trương Công Bình, Trương Công Thọ (biên soạn)
Hà Nội : Thời đại, 2010.
255 tr ; 21 cm
Trương, Công Bình

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20 bài thực hành Power Point 2007 / Công Tuân, Công Bình biên soạn
Hà Nội : Văn hóa Thông tin, 2008
271tr. : minh họa ; 21cm
Công, Tuân

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3D Studio làm băng hoạt hình / Phạm Quang Huy
Hà Nội : Thống kê, 1995
523 tr. ; 21 cm
Phạm Quang Huy

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AWS For Admins For Dummies / John Paul Mueller
Hoboken : Wiley, 2017
384 p. : ill ; 24 cm.
Mueller, John Paul
Easily get your head in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can do everything from backing up your personal hard drive to creating a full-fledged IT department in the Cloud. And while major corporations like Adobe and Netflix have turned to AWS for their Cloud computing needs, it isn't just for private companies. Amazon Web Services For Dummies is the singular resource that shows real people with real businesses how to use on-demand IT resources to help their companies grow. If you're like most people just getting their feet wet with this service, your first question is likely to be, "How do I get started with AWS?" This book answers that question—and a multitude more—in language you can understand and shows you how to put this Cloud computing service to work for you right away. AWS is immense and, naturally, intimidating, but with the help of this book, you'll peel back its many layers in no time! Provides overviews that explain what tasks the services perform and how they relate to each other Offers specific paths to follow in order to obtain a particular installation result Gets you started without making a huge investment Reduces the risk of failure by ensuring you understand available options as part of the configuration and usage process Stop wasting time and resources on hardware and software that's quickly outdated. Get started with AWS today!
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